Kara Humphrey

-a wandering photographer-

What to (and NOT to) Wear?

Just say "no" to matching! Ha! We've all done it, but if I have any say, I would suggest that you coordinate instead. Matching in photos is kind of outdated. Rather, you want to look like you belong to together. Coordinating outfits has longevity, and will not look "dated" for years to come. 

Many people don't have that natural ability to coordinate colors and patterns, and that's ok! That's why there's Pinterest! Here are a few tips when planning your wardrobe for your session: 

  • What colors do you like? If you hate chartreuse, please don't wear chartreuse! Look around your home at the colors you have there. 1) that may help you determine your favorite color combos, and 2) when you hang your photos up, they won't completely clash! 
  • Choose 2 or 3 colors AND 2 or 3 neutrals: I know this sounds like a lot going on, but really, it usually looks dynamic and great. Neutrals include: denim, gray, black, navy, khaki, brown, and white. 
  • Don't be afraid of patterns: generally smaller patterns are better. But one person could be sporting a plaid, while another has a delicate floral pattern, and another is rocking solids. 
  • Not every person needs to wear every color. 
  • Don't forget to layer! Wearing a basic outfit and accessorizing is a wonderful way to look coordinated and not matchy-matchy. Blazers, scarves, hats, jewelry are great items. And,  you can even bring options to change it up mid-way. 
  • Avoid neons (unless we're doing that specifically), and large writing on your clothing. Avoid too much white. 
  • Some black is flattering. 3/4 sleeves and long sleeve are flattering. Heels do wonders for our legs and booty, ladies. (I always suggest bringing a pair of shoes that are easy to get around in, and have the heels to slip on for picture time!) 
  • Finish it off! If you have belt loops showing, wear a belt! Wear the earrings! Wear the right color socks- cause I don't wanna photoshop that! Ha! (I have one friend, who I'll always tease about this!) Have your nails groomed! You know, look polished! 

You are always more than welcome to text me photos with options and I can help point you in the right direction. Also, check out the galleries of other clients, and check out my ever-growing Pinterest board 'What to Wear'! You gon' look fly!