Kara Humphrey

-a wandering photographer-

Thank you for the love!

Thank you everyone, for the wonderful, sweet comments on the launch of my site! I'm so happy y'all like it and find it easy to navigate. That's was THE #1 goal for me! I wanted everything looped back to each other so you didn't have to go looking! I also wanted you to be able to find the info you were searching for in no more than 3 clicks! I hope you'll come back often and read the blogsie, and see the new beautiful faces I'm shootin'!

2015 is lookin' like it's gonna be a good one! I wanted to fill you in a few things I'm planning for the year. I hope to make each one of these happen! 

Boudoirs for Valentine's Day!

Children's Valentine's Minis- info COMING SOON!  

Mommy n Me minis

Daddy n Me minis  


...AND... I'll be renting a goooorgeous loft space (probably in the summer- get outta that heat) and will offer a day of varied sessions! So excited about this one.  

That about covers the plans for the first half of the year!! I hope to see you often in front of my camera! ;)  

xo, K