Kara Humphrey

-a wandering photographer-

New Year, New Site, New Blog!

I am ashamed to admit it, but I've owned this site for almost a year! Oops! Guess I had other things to take care of, and this always got placed on the back burner. Buuuut, now I've scheduled a few weeks "off" from shooting, to get some business in order and build my website! I am both excited AND terrified of this. I wouldn't say that technology is my strong suite, but I am going to do my best! 

If you are reading this, I want to say THANK YOU! It means you have been part of this business somehow, whether a client or just a supporter, I appreciate it!! A year ago, on January 10th, I resigned from my "real" job of 5 years, and set out to grow Kara Humphrey Photography! It has been a wonderful and crazy ride this year! Every single day I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to do this. It just doesn't seem real. I have even bigger hopes for 2015, and I hope that you will come along for the journey! 

I hope that whatever YOU are up to in 2015 is a success, and that you have LOTS of love and great times this year!!