Kara Humphrey

-a wandering photographer-

Dallas Living: No. 4 (Day Trips)

This last post about Dallas is focusing on short day trips that you can do. I won't go into much detail, but just touch on each town!

Waco, TX | 1.5 hours from downtown Dallas. For me, Waco was always known for the crazy cult thing in the 90's. I called in Wacko, actually, and just stopped that this year. I think Chip & Joanna are reviving that town with their own 4 hands. There is Baylor. Then there's the Magnolia Silos and all that they've got going on there. Then there's the Dr. Pepper museum. I remember going to this as a child, I'm sure it's still just as cool! There is a new shopping area, called Spice Village that is really cool. All different vendors have tiny shops all together, and it's just huge! Then, of course, downtown Waco is historic and adorable. There are lots of little shops and restaurants to explore. Now I haven't been, but there is a new attraction in Waco, BSR Cable Park. They've got these GIANT slides! Looks so fun!

Waxahachie, TX | 30 minutes from downtown Dallas. I'm mentioning this because this is where my in-laws live, so we spent so much time there, but it is SUCH a cute town, that I'd mention it anyway. Main Street and their historic homes is one of my favorite things. I love to go for walks or runs down this street and just take in all the gorgeous old homes (and then look them up and see how much they're selling for). There's the (still operating) historic library, that is so stunning, and the courthouse! Downtown Wax, or 'Hachie as like to call it, has a buuuunch of shops, antique and regular. They also have a lot of new but old souled things coming soon! Grab a burger at Pop's Burger Stand, and stroll around town, it's precious.

Ft. Worth Stockyards | 40 minutes from downtown Dallas. I would say all of Ft. Worth, but all I did was the Stockyards! It's really like going back 150 years, so crazy. They do the cattle drive 2 times a day (at 11:30 and 4), but it's quick, so don't miss it! They have a Cowboy Hall of Fame, and some horseback riding, and rodeos on certain days/times. The maze is so fun, but I'll never tell how (embarrassingly) long it took me. It's not just a maze. You have to find 4 letters and punch your card, so it's a megamaze. Your people can stand on a platform and watch (not guide you though, if you're short like me, and they can't see you), and that's embarrassing, haha. Ok, 29 minutes. That's how long it took me. She said average is 20... awkward. Besides that, they have shops and dining. And... my favorite thing, is the old railway. They have several ride options, so just choose what's best for your group. I believe these only run on the weekend. Billy Bob's is also down there! It is on my bucket list to see a show there, but it just never worked out while I lived here!

Canton Trade Days | 1 hour from downtown Dallas. Once a month (the weekend before the first Monday of each month) Canton happens. Animals, crafts, junk, everything under the sun is on sale out there!

Antique Alley | varies in distance. Two times a year, a HUGE (25 miles) garage sale/antique flea market takes place. It's held in fields along country roads between several little towns out here. It's great for a day of junkin'!

Well, that's all I've got for my Dallas Living series. I think I covered every out of the ordinary thing that we did. We had such a great time being here, spending time with family, and learning Dallas. It's very bittersweet to leave! Feel free to add any more suggestions in the comments!