Kara Humphrey

-a wandering photographer-

Dallas Living: No. 3

I'm going to wrap up the actual Dallas portion with this post, but will do a day-trips edition as well, because, why not?! This one is downtown Dallas + miscellaneous mentions!

Downtown Dallas + Etc.

Dallas Museum of Art | do. It's free, so why not. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of stuffy situations where you need to act like a white paper on a white wall is life-changing, but ok. If you are into art, or have time to kill, or want to learn more, definitely go here. It's FREEEE! And something to do!


M-Line Trolley on McKinney Ave. | do. This is also free!! Right outside the museum of art, and at several spots around downtown, you can hop on the M-Line of the McKinney Trolley. You'll know it's the M-line because it will be an old timey trolley car! How cool is that, that they keep these running, and offer this free route for the pure benefit of Dallas residents and tourists. I like that. I loved riding on this old trolley. It was the most gorgeous day when we rode it. Now, it's nothing more than that, a free ride on a trolley car. They didn't give a tour, they didn't tell you anything about your stops or anything you passed. So, if you are riding it for that reason, or for actual transportation purposes, pay close attention to what stops are coming/what you are passing, so you will know when to get off. I don't think it would take them too much effort to say a few things about the area/stops/history, and that would've made the ride 100x funner, but I'm not in charge, am I? I think it's still VERY MUCH worth the time (right under an hour) to see Dallas from a different perspective. You ride through downtown a bit and up and down McKinney Ave., so there is lots to see! And if you plan correctly, you can hop off and do some of the other activities I mention, and then hop back on and finish the route!

Klyde Warren Park | do/eat. I met an old friend here one day and was so impressed with this park. The freeway runs underneath it, so it's really cool. They have chess tables, board games for use, books, food trucks, plus tons of space for playing, of course. They also hold several events out there (movie nights, yoga...), so be sure to check the schedule before you go!

Chase Tower Observation Deck | do. Find Chase Tower, go to the 40th floor, and take it all in! Observation decks never get old to me!

Thanksgiving Square and Chapel | see. This city block feels unlike any other. It's calming, quaint, and breathtaking. It was made so that people could go there and reflect on what they are thankful for. The Square is a sunken gardens, basically, with waterfalls, and scripture. The chapel... oh the chapel. Just step in and take a look, you won't regret it.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science | do. We took my hub's two youngest sibs here one day (6 & 8), per their request. I just love this type of interactive museum, where you DO and LEARN cool stuff. There were so many areas for people of all ages to enjoy. Like the racing against T-Rex or a cheetah, the slo-mo video of you doing a soccer kick, the fossil dig in the kids section, etc. Plan at least half a day for this one. Super fun.

Giant Eye Ball | see (duh). Ha! Just kidding. It's an art installation I guess. But it really is a sight to behold (I can't stop with the puns). It's a 30 foot eyeball, on Main Street, in Dallas.


JFK Mini Tour | do. If you're fascinated (and heartbroken) over this story like me, you'll spend some time learning more about the tragic events that unfolded that November day in 1963. We started by watching a documentary about it the night before (take your pick, there are tons). We visited the 6th Floor Museum, Dealey Plaza, and then took it a step further and traced the route Oswald took afterwards (his house, and Texas theater where he was captured). It's so surreal to me that this happened RIGHT HERE, and not even that long ago. I am still deciding which theory I believe about it....

Dallas Zoo | do. Dallas has a pretty nice zoo, I really enjoyed my time there.

Gilley's | do. If you're lucky enough to catch a show there, take the opportunity, it's very cool. I didn't get to attend one while I was here, but did go to a concert there a few years ago. It's just a cool place.

Bill's Records | shop. RIght down from Gilley's is Bill's. This guy said this is only about 15% of his whole record collection. Jaw dropped. He will lament to you the fall of the music industry with "this itunes and Beyonce these days" (his words, not mine), and make you want to single-handedly bring back records as our main source of music. I bought several from him during my time here, not because of a guilt trip or anything, haha... I really do enjoy the sound better. Ha!

Fuel City Taco | eat. A taco stand at a gas station, huh? You don't have to tell me twice. Cheap, good, and you can even wash your car after. Oh, and get the cup of corn from the ladies on the curb too.

Keller's Drive-In | eat. Talk about a classic drive-in. This is it. I don't think it's changed one thing in 40 years. Again: cheap and good.

Babe's Chicken | eat. Located in Burleson and Cedar Hill. Chicken strips and amazing sides; served family-style. So good. Have fun looking for the hidden bathroom door!

That's it for this edition! There are so many things to do and see here that I would need years to cover it all! But I'm so thankful for the time I did get to spend here!