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Dallas Living: No. 2

Hey! I hope you enjoyed my favorite places of Deep Ellum! This edition will talk about the Farmer's Market, Bishop Arts District and Lower Greenville Ave.! Let's jump right in!

Farmer's Market

I loved having the farmer's market so close by. It was closer than any grocery store, by far, so if I needed something quick and thought they would have it, it was my first stop. The Dallas Farmer's Market is quite something. I've been to a handful of markets in my time, and this one is on a whole other level. There are two parts to the DFM: the Shed & the Market. The Shed is the pavilion that is most like what you think of when you think farmer's market. Open air, a bunch of vendors, people wheelin and dealin cabbage and noodles and baked goods. It's open Friday-Sunday, and has a ton of very interesting things for sale. I love going here with Francis on the weekend, grabbing some T-Rex pickles, some local honey, or some basil grown at a farm right down the road. I know it's not always the most economical choice for grocery shopping, but I really do like supporting small businesses and trying new, local things. I'd much rather spend $6 on a jar of pickles that was made right here in Dallas and is bursting with flavor!

Then there's the Market. It's the permanent building across the street that is open throughout the week. If you're ever in town and need a lunch option, head here, because there are so many neat options: tamales, tapas, tacos, Cajun, Caribbean, seafood, etc... I took my parents here one day and we all came back with something different! Not only are there several food options, there are a few shops as well. And the nice thing about the Market is that it is fairly new, I would say within a year, so every time I go there are more shops or eateries open for business! Here are some of my favorites:

Bullzerk | shop. This little airstream/store has tees, magnets, candles, and other fun stuff. All a little bit tongue in cheek, like the Kanye prayer candles, or the shirts making fun of itself (You like in Oak Cliff. Ohhhhh.) Check it out.

Lone Chimney Mercantile | shop. They've got a great mixture of art and small homegoods. Their art is mixed media (photography & graphic design I'm guessing) of iconic Dallas spots. I love to look through them every time I go. They also have other fun stuff there, definitely worth the look.

had to get my initials together haha

had to get my initials together haha

Doc Popcorn | eat. I kinda became a fan of fresh decorated popcorn when I followed my nose here and the lady said "we have some fresh cinnamon popcorn, would you like to try some?" omg. It was so good. I was a fan of that one (sinfully cinnamon) and the caramel one. Go by and at least get a sample of one!

Tacqueria la Ventana | eat. Madi and I had taco bowls and pina agua fresca here one day. Mom had tacos there another day. We all give it two thumbs!

La Popular Tamale House | eat. from what I understand, this is a market version of a full restaurant somewhere in town. She suggested the pork, so I got one of those and one beef, and I loved the beef one. I wish I were more adventurous because they had a lot to try, but oh well, haha, it is what it is.

There's so much more to try at the Market & the Shed. Definitely go, and go hungry. It would be the perfect outing for a Saturday morning/afternoon!

Bishop Arts District

Bishop Arts is my second favorite neighborhood. It's small, but packs a punch. It's this little cute, hip neighborhood in the middle of Oak Cliff. You'll find a ton of restaurants, bars, and shops. I barely scratched the surface on the restaurants here. On the weekends, you'll find live music filling the street, so it's a wonderful ambiance to walk around and spend time in.

Strut | shop. a cute little boutique with great prices.

M'antiques | shop. Manly antiques! Kinda pricey, but still very fun to peruse.

Neighborhood | shop. a small shop of curated art pieces and cute little gifts. I got this print there, love it. And found the artist on Instagram, he's local, so clearly they carry local artists work! (Don't let me sound like an art snob. I don't know what's what, I just like what I like. I hate to even use the word "art" like I know anything about it, but I don't know what else to call it, haha).

Epiphany for Men | shop. I like the men's store. Although, it was infinitely cooler than the Epiphany women's store. We liked to look at the shirts there.

Dirt | see. A floral shop unlike any I've ever seen. They make the coolest arrangements. If you're nearby, you must poke your head in and see what I mean!

Lockhart Smoke House | eat. BBQ that you buy by the pound and they give it to you wrapped up in butcher paper. Seating is limited, so be prepared to wait (stalk) a seat if you go during a busy time. It was tasty, for sure. But if I had to pick between here and Pecan Lodge, sorry Lockhart, but it would be PL!

Dude, Sweet Chocolate | sample/shop. Based around dark chocolate (my fave), they build the most interesting combos I've ever tasted. They have truffles, fudges, bark, chocolate salami, bars, powders for hot chocolate, sauces, etc. They pride themselves in giving samples of almost anything. Don't be alarmed at some of the ingredients, everything I've tried or bought has been on point! A few of our favorite samples or purchases are: Irish Car Bomb, Crack in a Box (buncha nuts), Albatross Fudge (blue cheese and sea salt- trust me on this one!), Apple Moon Pie Fudge, and the Red Hot Thinnamon. Don't you dare judge us for all this chocolate. It's dark, therefore, it's healthy.

Emporium Pies | eat. This adorable little house turned pie shop is the perfect place to visit for an afternoon snack. I had the apple one. But everyone I was with got something different, and they all loved their choices. Precious little place.

Hunky's | eat. An old fashioned burger place. Low-key, cute, and a few special touches like vanilla or cherry flavoring for your sodas.

Norma's | eat. You know those hole in the wall places that gain such popularity that they make more locations? That's what happened here. We found it by chance once, and the line was out the door, so we knew something special was happening there. When we got to go back, we understood. The food was good, the service was great, and the atmosphere was just sweet, like an old diner. I mean that is what it was. Straight outta the 70's little diner, nothing fancy, and I love that. I ordered a cinnamon roll (because duh, dessert for breakfast) and I'm not kidding, it was the size of a honda civic. I think I finished like 1/5 of it. Everyone at the table ate off of it, and there was still so much left. The normal breakfasts are typical but tasty, and the biscuits, again, honda civic.

There are lots more places I never made it to (food, shops, etc.), so definitely go check it out for yourself!

Lower Greenville Ave.

Ok, when I say I barely scratched the surface of what you could do, I really mean it here. Like really really. I kept meaning to go back to new places, but we just always ended up at the same place haha.

Yucatan Taco Stand | eat. Me & Madi tried it, then we took her family, then we went again with them, haha. It's not your typical tex-mex obviously (and why wouldn't you want to be tex-mex?) It's got that Yucatan flare. I did the shrimp tacos, but let me tell you about these nachos everyone ordered... let's just say they were so massive even growing teenage boys couldn't finish them. So. many. nacho.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate | sample/shop/party. I already talked about this one, but this location has a party room, and the overall shop is larger, so there was more available, it seemed.

Steel City Pops | eat. I took my 3 youngest sib-in-laws one night, and they proclaimed that it was the best popsicle they've ever had. They had tried the Vanilla Chocolate Chip which had a cookie inside! I took my parents there when they were in town, and I finally tried one after driving by for 3 months. I chose the pineapple jalapeno and OMG, perfect. It did have a kick, with the red pepper flakes, but I loved it. Mom got blackberry, and it was great. Dad did the lemon icebox pie (that had a graham cracker in it) and my bite of that was so good, as well. They had so many that sounded good!

Trader Joes | shop. Not that this isn't a chain, but it's the location I liked because of ample parking, haha.

There are just so many restaurants and bars in this area, you have options for days. I really wanted to go to Truckyard, because they have a yard/patio situation, and host several food trucks each day!

That's it for this edition of Dallas Living. I hope you've added some items to your Dallas Bucket List!