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Dallas Living: No. 1

Well I think it would suffice to say that I completely suck at blogging. But no fear, I'm here. I have now lived in and loved on Dallas for a solid 4 months, ha! That's not long at all, but that'll be about it for now, as our assignment here is wrapping up this week. It has flown by, like, reeeeally fast. I kept wanting to blog about my explorations here, and then it got so far into our assignment, I figured I would just wait til the end, and kinda cover everything in a few blog posts. Our whole goal while we were living here was to spend a ton of time with family. Aaron's parents and 9 of his siblings live nearby, so we were with them every chance we got. We LOVED getting to be part of their daily lives for a little while: going to church together, having them over to our clubhouse, the boys riding dirtbikes, meeting for lunch or girls' days... it was just the best. We still got some exploring in though, of course, so I wanted to give a little travel guide with things I/we enjoyed here. There's no way to cover it all... I feel like I barely made a dent in all the things there is to do here in North Texas! But it's all good. Hopefully you will find yourself in the DFW area soon and this will give you some new ideas!! Let's begin, shall we??

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum was very close to where we lived, and I LOVED this neighborhood. It is very down to earth, artsy, and fun. I would find myself there for lunch with my sis, dinner with Aaron, or just running around on my own. There's lots of live music and a happenin' bar scene at night, but if that's not your crowd, go during the day to see it with the lights on (just not on a Monday, cause most things are closed). It's about 3 streets wide, and probably 1/2 a mile long, so park and walk around. Fun fact: Deep Ellum is built around Elm St., and used to be called Deep Elm, but you know southerners and the way we talk... so due to the southern pronunciation of Elm, it is now known as Deep Ellum!

Lula B's | shop. a fun antique store with like anything you can imagine. The different vendors there carry everything, from prosthetic limbs to vintage costumes. The shop dogs are Laverne & Shirley, and are the sweetest things ever. There is another location of Lula B's on Riverfront, along with several other antique shops.

film slides at B4

film slides at B4

B4 | shop. a smaller, quirkier antique shop with really cool items. Take a look in here and then grab a soda next door at...

Rocket Fizz | shop/drink. a throw back candy & soda shop. They have HUNDREDS of sodas, literally hundreds. They have all the candies that aren't popular anymore as well. I took my parents there and they saw a bunch of stuff from their childhood that they hadn't seen in years. They have foreign candies too, as well as cheeky signs, magnets, and toys. And did I mention hundreds of flavors of sodas.

soda on soda on soda

soda on soda on soda

Elluments | shop. vintage clothing & accessory store. It's small, so it won't take you long, but it's still a cool little place.

Pecan Lodge BBQ | eat. OMG. I'm wiping drool off my face just thinking about it. The line out the door... yeah, worth it. My favorite was the brisket & the mac 'n' cheese. I hear there's other stuff too, haha, but I never got passed the brisket to try it.

Twisted Root Burger Co. | eat. There are a few locations around the city (and one in Waco) but it's still a local place to me. They've been on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, and I see why. Not only are their burgers and fries so tasty, but they also have rare meat burgers, about 5 types of pickles, a flavored root beer each day, a flavored lemonade each day (I tried both cotton candy and golden apple, and both were so delicious), but some pretty yummy sounding shakes. I'm one of those lamo's that eats a pretty basic (DRY) burger, but I heard that their special and "different" burgers are awesome.

Glazed Donut Works | eat. ok, I sadly only made it here once. I kept trying to go back, but they have the weirdest hours, so definitely check before you go. But if you happen to catch them open, you are in for a treat! Would you call this artisan donuts?? I don't know. I had whiskey lemon and give it two thumbs up. My sis, Madi, had the fluffer nutter and has been trying to get another one ever since. It was some kinda toasted chocolate donut sandwich, filled with marshmallow fluff and nutella. I had a bite, and whoa. If you visit late night, apparently there's a whole different and heartier menu! Check out some of these flavors!

Drugstore Cowboy | drink. I only stopped in here once for a potty and a tea while I was running around, so I can hardly attest to their menu. Buuuut... their decor was great! Ha! And if you know me, you know I'm a sucker for good design, a good logo, and a well thought out brand. So, if you're the type that avoids mainstream and Starbucks, head here and grab a seat on their great leather couch, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop | eat. ok, this is a chain, I'm aware. But because I love it so much, and because they have a dog-friendly patio, it gets a mention! Hope you'll stop in with your pooch and grab a California Heat in my honor.

Wow, I just realized maybe I ain't so basic after all, because I had like zero pictures of food, haha.

all the great wall art | see. this whole hood is just teeming with an artsy (but not fartsy) vibe. Literally everywhere you look there is a great wall mural, that's just begging to be instagrammed. So go ahead, do your part, take the picture, and post that ish.

a few of my faves, but there are SO MANY great ones

a few of my faves, but there are SO MANY great ones

Iron Giant | see. I don't know if that's his real name, but along Good Latimer you'll find a few of the friendliest looking giant robot statues you've ever seen (which probably isn't many). So again, do your part, take the picture, everyone is doing it. During the basketball playoffs, they were wearing Maverick's jerseys, oh!

Bark Park | do. have you ever been to a dog park under the freeway? I hadn't either, but I think it's the most brilliant use of space, if you ask me. Get the PayByPhone parking app so parking is easy, and take your fido, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. One of our regular outings was to take France pants to the dog park, and then have lunch at Fuzzy's on the patio. While you're at the dog park, walk around and look at the murals on the freeway columns!

Deep Ellum sounds pretty great right?! I thought so too. I will definitely miss it, it was my favorite hood around here. That's all for part 1 of Dallas life. Be sure and check out the rest of the series! 

Feel free to add more suggestions here in the comments!