Kara Humphrey

-a wandering photographer-

Breakin' rules

I've read, and read, and read, and READ about starting a website, starting a business, starting a blog... probably to a fault. I've read "have at least 20 blog entries before you even make that blog public", "the FIRST order of business should be having a website" etc., etc., etc., I've done none of those things. I'm not necessarily rebellious in nature, I just... I don't know... sometimes have a different agenda. I know this year, my excuse for not having my website up was that I never had time! All of my awesome clients kept calling me up, keeping me working, that I never had the extended periods of time I wanted to work on it. I guess I could've hired someone, but a) I'm super cheapo, and hiring people for websites isn't, and b) I wanted to build every square inch, and feel that sense of pride and ownership. Granted, hiring someone probably could've given me some awesome tech-y features, but it's all good. In late 2013, I wanna say, Aaron mentioned Squarespace to me. He'd heard about it on a podcast, and it sounded like a super simple way to build a website. I'd never been a fan of other website building sites, they just didn't do anything for me, in the design sense. So, I looked into Squarespace and immediately fell in love with their aesthetic. It was me. Their style was synonymous with my style, and that's something that I had never seen in a site-building platform before. Not one that I could afford, anyway. So over 2014, I would slooooowly chip away at parts of my site. Learning the lay of the Squarespace land, googling what terms meant, and figuring out stuff by trial and error. I still do not feel very savvy at all, but I am quite proud of what I have created. I'm picky, and wanted my site to have longevity out of the gate. Sure, things will get updated, styles will change, but I wanted something was indicative of ME and my brand. A few months ago, maybe in November, in the peak of my busy season, and after having been asked if I had a website, yet again, I said "that's enough!" I went to my January calendar, and drew a line through two weeks. I said, I'm gonna make it happen, dangit. I'm tired of saying "oh, I'm working on it" when people ask if I have a website they can see. A whole year of saying that got old! So here I am, in the middle of those two weeks, with just a little bit more left to do, and I am SO EXCITED at whats coming! 

Ok.. I'm rambling now, and do need to get back to said website... Don't even know the point of this post, but eh, my blog, my rules, suckas!