Kara Humphrey

-a wandering photographer-

A year ago, today.

Whoa! Today has been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I resigned from my work doing developmental therapy to pursue photography full time! Well... kinda full time. 

What a year it's been! I do miss the kiddos and families that I worked with, all the time. Thank God for Facebook and texting, so I can keep in touch with so many of them! They are growing like little beanstalks. Immediately after I stopped working there, I started working part time at a new mega daycare in the area. After all, I did have bills to pay, and it turns out they don't take smiles as payment?! I enjoyed the daycare, it was exciting, even for a near 30 year old. A bowling alley? Cooking class? Whaaaa? I loved that... maybe not the snotty noses, the tantrums, and the poopy diapers, but it was so nice to have less responsibility and pressure at work. I met some awesome people there, AND I learned how to drive a tiny bus, hehe. Somehow I found myself still stretched on time. I had gone from working over 40 hours a week, driving all over God's green earth to do so, never having enough time to now working like 30 hours a week, 10 minutes from home, and STILL not having enough time. I was staying busy with photo clients! I was so shocked that business had kept up even after Christmas time. I was all stroking my chin, like "yessssssss... my plan is working, muahahaha!!"

In the meantime, this lady had come to the daycare to do the kid's school pictures. Now, it's been like 12 years since I've done school pictures, and I didn't even know they did school pictures at daycare centers, so it was all new to me. Anyway, I was floating that day, and was sent to assist her, to bring kids back and forth, oversee the ones that were waiting, etc. I didn't even mention that I was into photography, because usually people hear that and wanna compare gear, and spout of all this stuff, and I didn't have the slightest clue about anything having to do with school photography. I helped her, thought it was pretty cool, and went on about my merry way. Turns out, she came back to the school a few weeks later and "happened" to mention to the school director that she was looking for a second shooter and really wanting to expand her business in our area. My director mentioned me, that I was into photography, but that's just what I'd heard. She mentioned this to me a few times in passing, and I'm all "what am I supposed to do with that?!" My boss telling me about another job, does she not like me? Is this a trap? Ha! Months went by and she kept mentioning it and I was like "yeah, ok, thank you, that's sweet", 'til one day when she came to me and said "KARA, FOLLOW ME" (like Jesus said, haha). So I go to her office and she's said "Here. This is her number, she's very interested in you, I hate to lose you here, but I think this is a great opportunity for you". And that, my friends, leads me to my current gig. During the school semesters, I am taking school photos at daycares a few days a week, under the umbrella of her business. Outside of that, I am doing THIS! My thing. My dream! Shooting people. (haha, just kidding)

I think every single day, I squeal with excitement that I am even getting to do this! I am forever grateful to God and my hub for allowing me the opportunity! It's really VERY exciting. I have no question that my steps were ordered. It's a nice feeling... to say the least. 

Here's to lovely year #2! 

xo, kara