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Dallas Living: No. 4 (Day Trips)

This last post about Dallas is focusing on short day trips that you can do. I won't go into much detail, but just touch on each town!

Waco, TX | 1.5 hours from downtown Dallas. For me, Waco was always known for the crazy cult thing in the 90's. I called in Wacko, actually, and just stopped that this year. I think Chip & Joanna are reviving that town with their own 4 hands. There is Baylor. Then there's the Magnolia Silos and all that they've got going on there. Then there's the Dr. Pepper museum. I remember going to this as a child, I'm sure it's still just as cool! There is a new shopping area, called Spice Village that is really cool. All different vendors have tiny shops all together, and it's just huge! Then, of course, downtown Waco is historic and adorable. There are lots of little shops and restaurants to explore. Now I haven't been, but there is a new attraction in Waco, BSR Cable Park. They've got these GIANT slides! Looks so fun!

Waxahachie, TX | 30 minutes from downtown Dallas. I'm mentioning this because this is where my in-laws live, so we spent so much time there, but it is SUCH a cute town, that I'd mention it anyway. Main Street and their historic homes is one of my favorite things. I love to go for walks or runs down this street and just take in all the gorgeous old homes (and then look them up and see how much they're selling for). There's the (still operating) historic library, that is so stunning, and the courthouse! Downtown Wax, or 'Hachie as like to call it, has a buuuunch of shops, antique and regular. They also have a lot of new but old souled things coming soon! Grab a burger at Pop's Burger Stand, and stroll around town, it's precious.

Ft. Worth Stockyards | 40 minutes from downtown Dallas. I would say all of Ft. Worth, but all I did was the Stockyards! It's really like going back 150 years, so crazy. They do the cattle drive 2 times a day (at 11:30 and 4), but it's quick, so don't miss it! They have a Cowboy Hall of Fame, and some horseback riding, and rodeos on certain days/times. The maze is so fun, but I'll never tell how (embarrassingly) long it took me. It's not just a maze. You have to find 4 letters and punch your card, so it's a megamaze. Your people can stand on a platform and watch (not guide you though, if you're short like me, and they can't see you), and that's embarrassing, haha. Ok, 29 minutes. That's how long it took me. She said average is 20... awkward. Besides that, they have shops and dining. And... my favorite thing, is the old railway. They have several ride options, so just choose what's best for your group. I believe these only run on the weekend. Billy Bob's is also down there! It is on my bucket list to see a show there, but it just never worked out while I lived here!

Canton Trade Days | 1 hour from downtown Dallas. Once a month (the weekend before the first Monday of each month) Canton happens. Animals, crafts, junk, everything under the sun is on sale out there!

Antique Alley | varies in distance. Two times a year, a HUGE (25 miles) garage sale/antique flea market takes place. It's held in fields along country roads between several little towns out here. It's great for a day of junkin'!

Well, that's all I've got for my Dallas Living series. I think I covered every out of the ordinary thing that we did. We had such a great time being here, spending time with family, and learning Dallas. It's very bittersweet to leave! Feel free to add any more suggestions in the comments!

Dallas Living: No. 3

I'm going to wrap up the actual Dallas portion with this post, but will do a day-trips edition as well, because, why not?! This one is downtown Dallas + miscellaneous mentions!

Downtown Dallas + Etc.

Dallas Museum of Art | do. It's free, so why not. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of stuffy situations where you need to act like a white paper on a white wall is life-changing, but ok. If you are into art, or have time to kill, or want to learn more, definitely go here. It's FREEEE! And something to do!


M-Line Trolley on McKinney Ave. | do. This is also free!! Right outside the museum of art, and at several spots around downtown, you can hop on the M-Line of the McKinney Trolley. You'll know it's the M-line because it will be an old timey trolley car! How cool is that, that they keep these running, and offer this free route for the pure benefit of Dallas residents and tourists. I like that. I loved riding on this old trolley. It was the most gorgeous day when we rode it. Now, it's nothing more than that, a free ride on a trolley car. They didn't give a tour, they didn't tell you anything about your stops or anything you passed. So, if you are riding it for that reason, or for actual transportation purposes, pay close attention to what stops are coming/what you are passing, so you will know when to get off. I don't think it would take them too much effort to say a few things about the area/stops/history, and that would've made the ride 100x funner, but I'm not in charge, am I? I think it's still VERY MUCH worth the time (right under an hour) to see Dallas from a different perspective. You ride through downtown a bit and up and down McKinney Ave., so there is lots to see! And if you plan correctly, you can hop off and do some of the other activities I mention, and then hop back on and finish the route!

Klyde Warren Park | do/eat. I met an old friend here one day and was so impressed with this park. The freeway runs underneath it, so it's really cool. They have chess tables, board games for use, books, food trucks, plus tons of space for playing, of course. They also hold several events out there (movie nights, yoga...), so be sure to check the schedule before you go!

Chase Tower Observation Deck | do. Find Chase Tower, go to the 40th floor, and take it all in! Observation decks never get old to me!

Thanksgiving Square and Chapel | see. This city block feels unlike any other. It's calming, quaint, and breathtaking. It was made so that people could go there and reflect on what they are thankful for. The Square is a sunken gardens, basically, with waterfalls, and scripture. The chapel... oh the chapel. Just step in and take a look, you won't regret it.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science | do. We took my hub's two youngest sibs here one day (6 & 8), per their request. I just love this type of interactive museum, where you DO and LEARN cool stuff. There were so many areas for people of all ages to enjoy. Like the racing against T-Rex or a cheetah, the slo-mo video of you doing a soccer kick, the fossil dig in the kids section, etc. Plan at least half a day for this one. Super fun.

Giant Eye Ball | see (duh). Ha! Just kidding. It's an art installation I guess. But it really is a sight to behold (I can't stop with the puns). It's a 30 foot eyeball, on Main Street, in Dallas.


JFK Mini Tour | do. If you're fascinated (and heartbroken) over this story like me, you'll spend some time learning more about the tragic events that unfolded that November day in 1963. We started by watching a documentary about it the night before (take your pick, there are tons). We visited the 6th Floor Museum, Dealey Plaza, and then took it a step further and traced the route Oswald took afterwards (his house, and Texas theater where he was captured). It's so surreal to me that this happened RIGHT HERE, and not even that long ago. I am still deciding which theory I believe about it....

Dallas Zoo | do. Dallas has a pretty nice zoo, I really enjoyed my time there.

Gilley's | do. If you're lucky enough to catch a show there, take the opportunity, it's very cool. I didn't get to attend one while I was here, but did go to a concert there a few years ago. It's just a cool place.

Bill's Records | shop. RIght down from Gilley's is Bill's. This guy said this is only about 15% of his whole record collection. Jaw dropped. He will lament to you the fall of the music industry with "this itunes and Beyonce these days" (his words, not mine), and make you want to single-handedly bring back records as our main source of music. I bought several from him during my time here, not because of a guilt trip or anything, haha... I really do enjoy the sound better. Ha!

Fuel City Taco | eat. A taco stand at a gas station, huh? You don't have to tell me twice. Cheap, good, and you can even wash your car after. Oh, and get the cup of corn from the ladies on the curb too.

Keller's Drive-In | eat. Talk about a classic drive-in. This is it. I don't think it's changed one thing in 40 years. Again: cheap and good.

Babe's Chicken | eat. Located in Burleson and Cedar Hill. Chicken strips and amazing sides; served family-style. So good. Have fun looking for the hidden bathroom door!

That's it for this edition! There are so many things to do and see here that I would need years to cover it all! But I'm so thankful for the time I did get to spend here!

Dallas Living: No. 2

Hey! I hope you enjoyed my favorite places of Deep Ellum! This edition will talk about the Farmer's Market, Bishop Arts District and Lower Greenville Ave.! Let's jump right in!

Farmer's Market

I loved having the farmer's market so close by. It was closer than any grocery store, by far, so if I needed something quick and thought they would have it, it was my first stop. The Dallas Farmer's Market is quite something. I've been to a handful of markets in my time, and this one is on a whole other level. There are two parts to the DFM: the Shed & the Market. The Shed is the pavilion that is most like what you think of when you think farmer's market. Open air, a bunch of vendors, people wheelin and dealin cabbage and noodles and baked goods. It's open Friday-Sunday, and has a ton of very interesting things for sale. I love going here with Francis on the weekend, grabbing some T-Rex pickles, some local honey, or some basil grown at a farm right down the road. I know it's not always the most economical choice for grocery shopping, but I really do like supporting small businesses and trying new, local things. I'd much rather spend $6 on a jar of pickles that was made right here in Dallas and is bursting with flavor!

Then there's the Market. It's the permanent building across the street that is open throughout the week. If you're ever in town and need a lunch option, head here, because there are so many neat options: tamales, tapas, tacos, Cajun, Caribbean, seafood, etc... I took my parents here one day and we all came back with something different! Not only are there several food options, there are a few shops as well. And the nice thing about the Market is that it is fairly new, I would say within a year, so every time I go there are more shops or eateries open for business! Here are some of my favorites:

Bullzerk | shop. This little airstream/store has tees, magnets, candles, and other fun stuff. All a little bit tongue in cheek, like the Kanye prayer candles, or the shirts making fun of itself (You like in Oak Cliff. Ohhhhh.) Check it out.

Lone Chimney Mercantile | shop. They've got a great mixture of art and small homegoods. Their art is mixed media (photography & graphic design I'm guessing) of iconic Dallas spots. I love to look through them every time I go. They also have other fun stuff there, definitely worth the look.

had to get my initials together haha

had to get my initials together haha

Doc Popcorn | eat. I kinda became a fan of fresh decorated popcorn when I followed my nose here and the lady said "we have some fresh cinnamon popcorn, would you like to try some?" omg. It was so good. I was a fan of that one (sinfully cinnamon) and the caramel one. Go by and at least get a sample of one!

Tacqueria la Ventana | eat. Madi and I had taco bowls and pina agua fresca here one day. Mom had tacos there another day. We all give it two thumbs!

La Popular Tamale House | eat. from what I understand, this is a market version of a full restaurant somewhere in town. She suggested the pork, so I got one of those and one beef, and I loved the beef one. I wish I were more adventurous because they had a lot to try, but oh well, haha, it is what it is.

There's so much more to try at the Market & the Shed. Definitely go, and go hungry. It would be the perfect outing for a Saturday morning/afternoon!

Bishop Arts District

Bishop Arts is my second favorite neighborhood. It's small, but packs a punch. It's this little cute, hip neighborhood in the middle of Oak Cliff. You'll find a ton of restaurants, bars, and shops. I barely scratched the surface on the restaurants here. On the weekends, you'll find live music filling the street, so it's a wonderful ambiance to walk around and spend time in.

Strut | shop. a cute little boutique with great prices.

M'antiques | shop. Manly antiques! Kinda pricey, but still very fun to peruse.

Neighborhood | shop. a small shop of curated art pieces and cute little gifts. I got this print there, love it. And found the artist on Instagram, he's local, so clearly they carry local artists work! (Don't let me sound like an art snob. I don't know what's what, I just like what I like. I hate to even use the word "art" like I know anything about it, but I don't know what else to call it, haha).

Epiphany for Men | shop. I like the men's store. Although, it was infinitely cooler than the Epiphany women's store. We liked to look at the shirts there.

Dirt | see. A floral shop unlike any I've ever seen. They make the coolest arrangements. If you're nearby, you must poke your head in and see what I mean!

Lockhart Smoke House | eat. BBQ that you buy by the pound and they give it to you wrapped up in butcher paper. Seating is limited, so be prepared to wait (stalk) a seat if you go during a busy time. It was tasty, for sure. But if I had to pick between here and Pecan Lodge, sorry Lockhart, but it would be PL!

Dude, Sweet Chocolate | sample/shop. Based around dark chocolate (my fave), they build the most interesting combos I've ever tasted. They have truffles, fudges, bark, chocolate salami, bars, powders for hot chocolate, sauces, etc. They pride themselves in giving samples of almost anything. Don't be alarmed at some of the ingredients, everything I've tried or bought has been on point! A few of our favorite samples or purchases are: Irish Car Bomb, Crack in a Box (buncha nuts), Albatross Fudge (blue cheese and sea salt- trust me on this one!), Apple Moon Pie Fudge, and the Red Hot Thinnamon. Don't you dare judge us for all this chocolate. It's dark, therefore, it's healthy.

Emporium Pies | eat. This adorable little house turned pie shop is the perfect place to visit for an afternoon snack. I had the apple one. But everyone I was with got something different, and they all loved their choices. Precious little place.

Hunky's | eat. An old fashioned burger place. Low-key, cute, and a few special touches like vanilla or cherry flavoring for your sodas.

Norma's | eat. You know those hole in the wall places that gain such popularity that they make more locations? That's what happened here. We found it by chance once, and the line was out the door, so we knew something special was happening there. When we got to go back, we understood. The food was good, the service was great, and the atmosphere was just sweet, like an old diner. I mean that is what it was. Straight outta the 70's little diner, nothing fancy, and I love that. I ordered a cinnamon roll (because duh, dessert for breakfast) and I'm not kidding, it was the size of a honda civic. I think I finished like 1/5 of it. Everyone at the table ate off of it, and there was still so much left. The normal breakfasts are typical but tasty, and the biscuits, again, honda civic.

There are lots more places I never made it to (food, shops, etc.), so definitely go check it out for yourself!

Lower Greenville Ave.

Ok, when I say I barely scratched the surface of what you could do, I really mean it here. Like really really. I kept meaning to go back to new places, but we just always ended up at the same place haha.

Yucatan Taco Stand | eat. Me & Madi tried it, then we took her family, then we went again with them, haha. It's not your typical tex-mex obviously (and why wouldn't you want to be tex-mex?) It's got that Yucatan flare. I did the shrimp tacos, but let me tell you about these nachos everyone ordered... let's just say they were so massive even growing teenage boys couldn't finish them. So. many. nacho.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate | sample/shop/party. I already talked about this one, but this location has a party room, and the overall shop is larger, so there was more available, it seemed.

Steel City Pops | eat. I took my 3 youngest sib-in-laws one night, and they proclaimed that it was the best popsicle they've ever had. They had tried the Vanilla Chocolate Chip which had a cookie inside! I took my parents there when they were in town, and I finally tried one after driving by for 3 months. I chose the pineapple jalapeno and OMG, perfect. It did have a kick, with the red pepper flakes, but I loved it. Mom got blackberry, and it was great. Dad did the lemon icebox pie (that had a graham cracker in it) and my bite of that was so good, as well. They had so many that sounded good!

Trader Joes | shop. Not that this isn't a chain, but it's the location I liked because of ample parking, haha.

There are just so many restaurants and bars in this area, you have options for days. I really wanted to go to Truckyard, because they have a yard/patio situation, and host several food trucks each day!

That's it for this edition of Dallas Living. I hope you've added some items to your Dallas Bucket List!

Dallas Living: No. 1

Well I think it would suffice to say that I completely suck at blogging. But no fear, I'm here. I have now lived in and loved on Dallas for a solid 4 months, ha! That's not long at all, but that'll be about it for now, as our assignment here is wrapping up this week. It has flown by, like, reeeeally fast. I kept wanting to blog about my explorations here, and then it got so far into our assignment, I figured I would just wait til the end, and kinda cover everything in a few blog posts. Our whole goal while we were living here was to spend a ton of time with family. Aaron's parents and 9 of his siblings live nearby, so we were with them every chance we got. We LOVED getting to be part of their daily lives for a little while: going to church together, having them over to our clubhouse, the boys riding dirtbikes, meeting for lunch or girls' days... it was just the best. We still got some exploring in though, of course, so I wanted to give a little travel guide with things I/we enjoyed here. There's no way to cover it all... I feel like I barely made a dent in all the things there is to do here in North Texas! But it's all good. Hopefully you will find yourself in the DFW area soon and this will give you some new ideas!! Let's begin, shall we??

Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum was very close to where we lived, and I LOVED this neighborhood. It is very down to earth, artsy, and fun. I would find myself there for lunch with my sis, dinner with Aaron, or just running around on my own. There's lots of live music and a happenin' bar scene at night, but if that's not your crowd, go during the day to see it with the lights on (just not on a Monday, cause most things are closed). It's about 3 streets wide, and probably 1/2 a mile long, so park and walk around. Fun fact: Deep Ellum is built around Elm St., and used to be called Deep Elm, but you know southerners and the way we talk... so due to the southern pronunciation of Elm, it is now known as Deep Ellum!

Lula B's | shop. a fun antique store with like anything you can imagine. The different vendors there carry everything, from prosthetic limbs to vintage costumes. The shop dogs are Laverne & Shirley, and are the sweetest things ever. There is another location of Lula B's on Riverfront, along with several other antique shops.

film slides at B4

film slides at B4

B4 | shop. a smaller, quirkier antique shop with really cool items. Take a look in here and then grab a soda next door at...

Rocket Fizz | shop/drink. a throw back candy & soda shop. They have HUNDREDS of sodas, literally hundreds. They have all the candies that aren't popular anymore as well. I took my parents there and they saw a bunch of stuff from their childhood that they hadn't seen in years. They have foreign candies too, as well as cheeky signs, magnets, and toys. And did I mention hundreds of flavors of sodas.

soda on soda on soda

soda on soda on soda

Elluments | shop. vintage clothing & accessory store. It's small, so it won't take you long, but it's still a cool little place.

Pecan Lodge BBQ | eat. OMG. I'm wiping drool off my face just thinking about it. The line out the door... yeah, worth it. My favorite was the brisket & the mac 'n' cheese. I hear there's other stuff too, haha, but I never got passed the brisket to try it.

Twisted Root Burger Co. | eat. There are a few locations around the city (and one in Waco) but it's still a local place to me. They've been on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, and I see why. Not only are their burgers and fries so tasty, but they also have rare meat burgers, about 5 types of pickles, a flavored root beer each day, a flavored lemonade each day (I tried both cotton candy and golden apple, and both were so delicious), but some pretty yummy sounding shakes. I'm one of those lamo's that eats a pretty basic (DRY) burger, but I heard that their special and "different" burgers are awesome.

Glazed Donut Works | eat. ok, I sadly only made it here once. I kept trying to go back, but they have the weirdest hours, so definitely check before you go. But if you happen to catch them open, you are in for a treat! Would you call this artisan donuts?? I don't know. I had whiskey lemon and give it two thumbs up. My sis, Madi, had the fluffer nutter and has been trying to get another one ever since. It was some kinda toasted chocolate donut sandwich, filled with marshmallow fluff and nutella. I had a bite, and whoa. If you visit late night, apparently there's a whole different and heartier menu! Check out some of these flavors!

Drugstore Cowboy | drink. I only stopped in here once for a potty and a tea while I was running around, so I can hardly attest to their menu. Buuuut... their decor was great! Ha! And if you know me, you know I'm a sucker for good design, a good logo, and a well thought out brand. So, if you're the type that avoids mainstream and Starbucks, head here and grab a seat on their great leather couch, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop | eat. ok, this is a chain, I'm aware. But because I love it so much, and because they have a dog-friendly patio, it gets a mention! Hope you'll stop in with your pooch and grab a California Heat in my honor.

Wow, I just realized maybe I ain't so basic after all, because I had like zero pictures of food, haha.

all the great wall art | see. this whole hood is just teeming with an artsy (but not fartsy) vibe. Literally everywhere you look there is a great wall mural, that's just begging to be instagrammed. So go ahead, do your part, take the picture, and post that ish.

a few of my faves, but there are SO MANY great ones

a few of my faves, but there are SO MANY great ones

Iron Giant | see. I don't know if that's his real name, but along Good Latimer you'll find a few of the friendliest looking giant robot statues you've ever seen (which probably isn't many). So again, do your part, take the picture, everyone is doing it. During the basketball playoffs, they were wearing Maverick's jerseys, oh!

Bark Park | do. have you ever been to a dog park under the freeway? I hadn't either, but I think it's the most brilliant use of space, if you ask me. Get the PayByPhone parking app so parking is easy, and take your fido, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. One of our regular outings was to take France pants to the dog park, and then have lunch at Fuzzy's on the patio. While you're at the dog park, walk around and look at the murals on the freeway columns!

Deep Ellum sounds pretty great right?! I thought so too. I will definitely miss it, it was my favorite hood around here. That's all for part 1 of Dallas life. Be sure and check out the rest of the series! 

Feel free to add more suggestions here in the comments!

bye, March!

As this month closes, and a new one begins, I HAVE to reflect on March. It was beyond. Such a great month. It started with the Houston Rodeo kickin' off. This year I was so happy to be on a committee for the first time. It was pretty fun talking to the rodeo-goers and being behind the scenes. It also felt great to "give back" to something I've partaken in my whole life (first rodeo ever: Billy Ray Cyrus, ha!) 

my array of badges to wear each work night, my neck is enjoying the relief :)  

my array of badges to wear each work night, my neck is enjoying the relief :)  

me and my friend, Laura, are on a committee together and stayed for several shows. It's SO great to have that ride or die friend that's down for anything!  

me and my friend, Laura, are on a committee together and stayed for several shows. It's SO great to have that ride or die friend that's down for anything!  

the stadium just before it opened  

the stadium just before it opened  

just born a few days prior :)

just born a few days prior :)

really, what it's all about 

really, what it's all about 

got to bring my mama one night!  

got to bring my mama one night!  

The girls I knew on the committee, I had so much fun hanging out with y'all! Now can I be an honorary cousin?? 

The girls I knew on the committee, I had so much fun hanging out with y'all! Now can I be an honorary cousin?? 

Bye bye for this year, HLSR.  

Bye bye for this year, HLSR.  

In the smack dab middle of rodeo, was also my first time to visit Las Vegas!! Our bffs were celebrating their 10 year anniversary and had asked us long ago if we wanted to go and celebrate with them. I'm so happy we did. I really liked that city!! Everything's open late and sparkly and THAT's my kinda place! We stayed at the Venetian, which was faaaaab


We saw two great shows (Penn & Teller and Cirque De Soliel: LOVE) We're STILL trying to figure out how they did some (ok, all) of those tricks.  


We walked and walked and walked walked and looked and looked and looked. We celebrated Melissa & Anthony's anniversary with a little ceremony at a chapel. I didn't plan on crying, but who can not?! I've been best friends with her since forever (our families go way back). And to stand by them at their wedding, to have seen them become parents (x2), to be the Godparents of their girls, get through tough stuff, and celebrate great stuff, YOU JUST CRY. It was meant to be that our husbands are bffs too. One of life's great blessings, fo' sho'.


We did a heli tour of the Grand Canyon and that was epiiiic.


We've literally been through highs and low's with them: the highs of the Rocky Mountains, and the lows of the Grand Canyon, haha. It was a wonderful time with wonderful people and I'm so happy we got to do it. Had to get back home and finish up that rodeo! 

The month ended with my hub's birthday! And a great visit to my in-law's!  



Oh, and of course I can't leave out that Fran man turned 4 this month!!  



March is definitely one of my favorite months each year!! This one was exhausting, but thrilling and fun. I hope you had a great one too. Now life'll be calmer for a while, and I'll keep trying to enjoy each day!   


Happy April!!!  

Meet Jonathan…

Look at this handsome boy! This is Jonathan, and I've known him forever too! Back when I was 16, 17, 18, I lifeguarded and his mama was my manager. Sometimes her cute little tots would come up to the pool and we would all play. He must've been 4 or 5 at the time. Little did I know, we would keep in touch and he would be one of my awesome Senior Reps! Jonathan is a star football player at his high school, so CLEARLY we had to incorporate that! Take a look, take a read, and get to know Jonathan! 

What is your favorite band/musician? Justin Timberlake has to be my favorite

What was your favorite moment of your senior year so far? My favorite moment so far is when we beat Spring High School in the last seconds.

If you could talk to anyone, dead or alive, for an entire hour, who would it be? It would be my grandmother. 

What is something from high school that you will remember in 10 years? breaking my femur, I'll never forget that 

What is something new that you tried this year? I did a Mr. Collins pageant and performed on stage. 

What are your hobbies? Working out, playing football and frisbee, and listening to music. 

What is your favorite store to shop at? My favorite store is Academy, for obvious reasons! 

Where do you think you'll be in 5 years? I'll be in  the Marines Special Forces, out in a foreign country. 

hat was your favorite class during your entire high school career? U.S. History my Junior year

What do you wanna be when you grow up? work for the CIA


Lastly, what is your life motto or favorite quote? My favorite quote comes from the Bible: John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." 

I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Jonathan, I know he's got great things ahead!! 

what's kick'n chick'n?!

It's spring break time!! Well, this week and next!! What are your plans?! I'd love to hear!  

Has anyone been enjoying the Rodeo lately? I'm on a committee for my first time this year, so have been a few times so far. I usually go quite a bit, but this is on another level. I visited the baby animals today, watched a chick hatch, and then went to a corner and cried over how cute it all was. I was so awestruck at watching it break out I didn't even think to take out my phone for a picture. Boo me!! Have you been? What are your favorite parts? Foods? Performers?? 

Here's a BTS of the empty stadium just before the gates were opened. I loved seeing it all calm and untouched. Only to be packed and buzzing just a few moments later!


I just wanted to pop in and say hi!! Don't forget! If you know any Seniors, to send them my way! 


Meet Hannah…

Hannah… I think I've known her since she was a little bitty tot. When I first asked her her name way back then, she quickly answered "Hannah Banana" haha… So I was quite taken aback (and had a huge reality check of my age) when I realized she was a Senior this year. Whaaaat?! She's become a gorgeous young lady, who is beautiful inside and out! Get to know her… 

What is your favorite band/musician? 30 Seconds to Mars 

What was your favorite moment of your senior year so far? My favorite moment was when we had a Valentine's Day fundraiser and stayed really late preparing the boxes; we stayed up 'til 2 doing them! 

If you could talk to anyone, dead or alive, for an entire hour, who would it be? I would like to talk to Moses from the Bible. I would like to know his version of the story. 

What is something from high school that you will remember in 10 years? The amazing people that I had the privilege of meeting. 

What is something new you've tried this year? I tried to inspire people to not just have friends of their own, but make our school united as one. 

What are your hobbies? I love playing volleyball, basketball, and singing/playing on the worship team. 

What is your favorite store to shop at? that would have to be Charlotte Russe 

Where do you think you'll be in 5 years? I will probably be through with college, starting the next chapter of my life. 

What was your favorite class during your entire high school career? my favorite class would have to be my sophomore year. 

What do you wanna be when you grow up? I would love to be a Physical Therapist but also start my own Real Estate business. 

Lastly, what is your life motto or favorite quote? Achieving your goals are great, but over-achieving them is even better!

I hope the rest of your senior year is great Hannah, and I wish you all the best with EVERY future endeavor! 

Meet Libby…

Libby is another one of my awesome Senior Reps! She brought a cool, fun vibe to our Senior Shootout! I'm seriously obsessed with this chick! Let's get right to it… take a look at this beauty and learn a little more about her! 

What is your favorite band/musician? NEEDTOBREATHE

What was your favorite moment of your senior year so far? That bittersweet moment while taking cap and gown pics for the yearbook. 

If you could talk to anyone, dead or alive, for an entire hour, who would it be? Robin Williams 

What is something from high school that you will remember in 10 years? The move from Austin to Houston in the middle of high school. 

What is something new you tried this year? Stepping out of my comfort zone to meet new people 

What are your hobbies? Photography and finding/listening to cool records

What is your favorite store to shop at? Target 

Where do you think you'll be in 5 years? I hope to be attending my dream school, LSU, and studying vet med. 

What was your favorite class during your entire high school career? Advanced animal science, this year, because I'm learning about things I love. 

What do you wanna be when you grow up? Veterinarian 

Lastly, what is your life motto or favorite quote? "Let go and let God" 

I think it's so cool that Libby wants to be a vet! How awesome! Best of luck with everything, Libby Lib! 

Meet Christian...

For the first time this year, I did what I've been calling a "Senior Shootout" with three of my Senior Reps. No... no Seniors were harmed in this shootout :) The three of them, plus a friend, a sister, a mom, and myself traipsed around the city hitting a few of my favorite spots. It was different, because at each location, each girl took a turn. I thought it was a fun girls day, with TONS of clothes, hair, and heels flying around. Haha. I have plans to introduce you to each of my Senior Reps, and the first one up is Miss Christian! I've asked the girls some questions, so that they are more than just a face! I know some of these are sooooo typical to ask a senior... but I couldn't help it... I just wanna know things! 

What is your favorite band or musician? Billy Joel!

What was your favorite moment of your senior year? Finally finishing college applications! 

If you could talk to anyone, dead or alive, for an entire hour, who would it be? Either Louisa May Alcott or Shakespeare

What is something from high school that you will remember in 10 years? My class trip to Europe! It was my first long flight and first time out of the country. 

What is something new you tried this year?  I started talking to strangers. Strangers have cool stories. 

What are your hobbies? Reading, learning new languages, and listening to my dad's old rock n' roll music. 

What is your favorite store to shop at? Goodwill

Where do you think you'll be in 5 years? Either working on a Master's degree in psychology or taking a gap year in South Korea

What was your favorite class during your entire high school career? The Psychology class I'm taking now is by far the coolest! 

What do you wanna be when you grow up? When I grow up, I want to be whatever God wants me to be. Just helping people. 

Lastly, what is your life motto or your favorite quote? Whatever you are, be a good one. 

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors, Christian!! 

Lil' Fashionista

I mean…. does her momma have her hands full or what?! This is Julia! She is the baby girl of a friend from way back! She was just a little tot when I first started doing her yearly birthday pictures. Now she's a full blow 7 going on 17, with sass to spare! Haha. I met Julia and her mama at the outlet mall for her session, because CLEARLY shoppin' and sippin' coffee is her favorite thing right now! Enjoy! 


Bye now! 

xo, K

Magical. Mossy. Maternity

I first met this couple a few years ago when they got engaged! Our mutual friend, Jamie, referred them to me, and I am so glad she did! They quickly won a place in my heart. Not only are they a photographer's dream (could they BE more gorgeous?) but they are just as sweet as they are beautiful. Fast forward a few years, and here they are expecting their first baby! I'm so happy for you, Samantha and Kent, I know you will be wonderful parents! I can't wait to meet Sophia! 


So when Samantha booked my first session of the year, I was really excited! I love that I kicked off the year with such an awesome session. 

And I'll leave with one last image of this STUNNING mama to be!! 

xo, K

The artist formerly known as....


I think it is so important to have actual, real life, prints of your images. Unfortunately, I have not offered this... until NOW. As I continue to tie up some loose ends, one thing to be done was to be able to offer my clients prints from their session. You will see that each package gives you an option to purchase digital images OR a print credit. As an intro to this, and so you can see how effortless (and affordable) it is to have prints, I am going to host a sale on prints this week! 

From your online gallery (an email was sent to you with a link), you will be able to make your selection and finalize your purchase. The HALF OFF price will already be reflected! That's right, FIFTY PERCENT OFF. (Seriously, so affordable... go look!) The sale will end Sunday 1/25 at midnight. 

The online gallery is a recent feature to my business, so if you had a session this year, and would like a link to your gallery, please let me know. (This is ONLY for those clients wishing to make a print purchase). If you had a session 2013 or earlier, contact me to see if this is available! 

Thank you! Enjoy! 

Thank you for the love!

Thank you everyone, for the wonderful, sweet comments on the launch of my site! I'm so happy y'all like it and find it easy to navigate. That's was THE #1 goal for me! I wanted everything looped back to each other so you didn't have to go looking! I also wanted you to be able to find the info you were searching for in no more than 3 clicks! I hope you'll come back often and read the blogsie, and see the new beautiful faces I'm shootin'!

2015 is lookin' like it's gonna be a good one! I wanted to fill you in a few things I'm planning for the year. I hope to make each one of these happen! 

Boudoirs for Valentine's Day!

Children's Valentine's Minis- info COMING SOON!  

Mommy n Me minis

Daddy n Me minis  


...AND... I'll be renting a goooorgeous loft space (probably in the summer- get outta that heat) and will offer a day of varied sessions! So excited about this one.  

That about covers the plans for the first half of the year!! I hope to see you often in front of my camera! ;)  

xo, K


Website got me like...

I had no idea I'd feel so much excitement getting this thing done! I stayed up til 6 am this morning, trucking through, and placing the finishing touches. 

I literally feel like I just gave birth haha. I mean, I've been working on this thing for a solid year!! It's made me throw up, it's made me lose sleep...  and then I spent all day yesterday laboring for that final push to be done! Haha, I'm ridiculous. Welcome to the world website! 

I'll introduce her to the world this evening. Now I'm gonna go feel allllll the feelings... excitement.. pride... vulnerability... excitement.. :) 


A year ago, today.

Whoa! Today has been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I resigned from my work doing developmental therapy to pursue photography full time! Well... kinda full time. 

What a year it's been! I do miss the kiddos and families that I worked with, all the time. Thank God for Facebook and texting, so I can keep in touch with so many of them! They are growing like little beanstalks. Immediately after I stopped working there, I started working part time at a new mega daycare in the area. After all, I did have bills to pay, and it turns out they don't take smiles as payment?! I enjoyed the daycare, it was exciting, even for a near 30 year old. A bowling alley? Cooking class? Whaaaa? I loved that... maybe not the snotty noses, the tantrums, and the poopy diapers, but it was so nice to have less responsibility and pressure at work. I met some awesome people there, AND I learned how to drive a tiny bus, hehe. Somehow I found myself still stretched on time. I had gone from working over 40 hours a week, driving all over God's green earth to do so, never having enough time to now working like 30 hours a week, 10 minutes from home, and STILL not having enough time. I was staying busy with photo clients! I was so shocked that business had kept up even after Christmas time. I was all stroking my chin, like "yessssssss... my plan is working, muahahaha!!"

In the meantime, this lady had come to the daycare to do the kid's school pictures. Now, it's been like 12 years since I've done school pictures, and I didn't even know they did school pictures at daycare centers, so it was all new to me. Anyway, I was floating that day, and was sent to assist her, to bring kids back and forth, oversee the ones that were waiting, etc. I didn't even mention that I was into photography, because usually people hear that and wanna compare gear, and spout of all this stuff, and I didn't have the slightest clue about anything having to do with school photography. I helped her, thought it was pretty cool, and went on about my merry way. Turns out, she came back to the school a few weeks later and "happened" to mention to the school director that she was looking for a second shooter and really wanting to expand her business in our area. My director mentioned me, that I was into photography, but that's just what I'd heard. She mentioned this to me a few times in passing, and I'm all "what am I supposed to do with that?!" My boss telling me about another job, does she not like me? Is this a trap? Ha! Months went by and she kept mentioning it and I was like "yeah, ok, thank you, that's sweet", 'til one day when she came to me and said "KARA, FOLLOW ME" (like Jesus said, haha). So I go to her office and she's said "Here. This is her number, she's very interested in you, I hate to lose you here, but I think this is a great opportunity for you". And that, my friends, leads me to my current gig. During the school semesters, I am taking school photos at daycares a few days a week, under the umbrella of her business. Outside of that, I am doing THIS! My thing. My dream! Shooting people. (haha, just kidding)

I think every single day, I squeal with excitement that I am even getting to do this! I am forever grateful to God and my hub for allowing me the opportunity! It's really VERY exciting. I have no question that my steps were ordered. It's a nice feeling... to say the least. 

Here's to lovely year #2! 

xo, kara

Breakin' rules

I've read, and read, and read, and READ about starting a website, starting a business, starting a blog... probably to a fault. I've read "have at least 20 blog entries before you even make that blog public", "the FIRST order of business should be having a website" etc., etc., etc., I've done none of those things. I'm not necessarily rebellious in nature, I just... I don't know... sometimes have a different agenda. I know this year, my excuse for not having my website up was that I never had time! All of my awesome clients kept calling me up, keeping me working, that I never had the extended periods of time I wanted to work on it. I guess I could've hired someone, but a) I'm super cheapo, and hiring people for websites isn't, and b) I wanted to build every square inch, and feel that sense of pride and ownership. Granted, hiring someone probably could've given me some awesome tech-y features, but it's all good. In late 2013, I wanna say, Aaron mentioned Squarespace to me. He'd heard about it on a podcast, and it sounded like a super simple way to build a website. I'd never been a fan of other website building sites, they just didn't do anything for me, in the design sense. So, I looked into Squarespace and immediately fell in love with their aesthetic. It was me. Their style was synonymous with my style, and that's something that I had never seen in a site-building platform before. Not one that I could afford, anyway. So over 2014, I would slooooowly chip away at parts of my site. Learning the lay of the Squarespace land, googling what terms meant, and figuring out stuff by trial and error. I still do not feel very savvy at all, but I am quite proud of what I have created. I'm picky, and wanted my site to have longevity out of the gate. Sure, things will get updated, styles will change, but I wanted something was indicative of ME and my brand. A few months ago, maybe in November, in the peak of my busy season, and after having been asked if I had a website, yet again, I said "that's enough!" I went to my January calendar, and drew a line through two weeks. I said, I'm gonna make it happen, dangit. I'm tired of saying "oh, I'm working on it" when people ask if I have a website they can see. A whole year of saying that got old! So here I am, in the middle of those two weeks, with just a little bit more left to do, and I am SO EXCITED at whats coming! 

Ok.. I'm rambling now, and do need to get back to said website... Don't even know the point of this post, but eh, my blog, my rules, suckas! 

New Year, New Site, New Blog!

I am ashamed to admit it, but I've owned this site for almost a year! Oops! Guess I had other things to take care of, and this always got placed on the back burner. Buuuut, now I've scheduled a few weeks "off" from shooting, to get some business in order and build my website! I am both excited AND terrified of this. I wouldn't say that technology is my strong suite, but I am going to do my best! 

If you are reading this, I want to say THANK YOU! It means you have been part of this business somehow, whether a client or just a supporter, I appreciate it!! A year ago, on January 10th, I resigned from my "real" job of 5 years, and set out to grow Kara Humphrey Photography! It has been a wonderful and crazy ride this year! Every single day I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I get to do this. It just doesn't seem real. I have even bigger hopes for 2015, and I hope that you will come along for the journey! 

I hope that whatever YOU are up to in 2015 is a success, and that you have LOTS of love and great times this year!!