Kara Humphrey

-a wandering photographer-

Hello... is it me you're looking for?!

I'm pretty sure I've had a camera in hand for as long as I can remember. It's basically another appendage by now! Every childhood summer, going to camp, my little 110 camera was strapped on my arm CONSTANTLY. I would come home with rolls upon rolls of film to be developed, and it was the funnest time to sit with my best friend and look through them! What can I say, I've always felt personally responsible for documenting EVERY SINGLE THING. 

This love affair started decades ago, always looking through boxes and boxes of old photos. I LOVED it, and still do. Even if I didn't know the people, I would look and look and look. The way the photo had worn; the people in the photo and what they were wearing and doing; the way the photos captured spontaneous moments, along with life-changing milestones. I always thought about the person who took the picture; I appreciated them. Clearly, we both saw the importance of capturing things. We both understood that small events is what makes your life. We both loved to tell stories. You could say photos have been a huge influence in my life! Little did I know, it would lead me to where I am today. I am so excited to be able to do what I love! I am so excited that you have joined me on this journey! And I'm so excited for the future of KHP! 

In me, you will find a fun-loving photographer who just wants to capture your story! Simple as that. My goal is to capture relationships, personalities, and interactions! I don't want to dress your family in white and denim and throw you on the ground, if that's not what you're into. I want to speak with that teenager and find out what she enjoys the most and brainstorm together how to best express that! I want to have you bring along your baby's favorite stuffed animal so you'll always remember how much they loved it. I want to freeze that moment your husband laughs, so you can always look back on how fun he was when he let loose! It's more than pushing a button, to me. It's documenting teeny tiny moments, in a beautiful way. It's thinking about evenings 50 years from now, when your great grandkids will be sitting around talking about "how foxy GG was!" as they look through old photos! I want to be part of making that happen!

A little more about me…

I'm married to Aaron, my favorite. I have the coolest doggy ever, Francis the bulldog.  I love my family and friends for real, for real. I eat way too much Tex-Mex, and never regret it. Two favorite pastimes: traveling and antique flea markets. I'm a goofball and can't help it. I love to make jokes and laugh every chance I get, ha! I have been blessed and thank God everyday for the life that He has given me! I am currently tagging along as my husband does some travel nursing assignments around the country! So please watch my social media to see where we currently are! I would love to shoot sessions in my new locations!!

I really thank you for stopping by! I hope you will return often and see what's going on with KHP! Do ya dig what you see? If so, let's chat! I'd love to meet ya and shoot ya! :)